Daily Motivation – No Worries!

Get out there and make today a great one!

Here’s a hopeful story of a person who Never Give Up with a disability on his life and finding the real meaning of life.
No Worries! No excuses. Attitide is Altitude. How high will go today. Don’t wait for tomorrow. How High Will You Go TODAY!

Daily Motivation – You Are Validated!

This has to be my favorite Youtube Video of all time. Please have a watch and it to heart today and everyday!

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Here it is for your edification


Daily Motivation – Always Remembered!

Today was a hard day for me as I had to prepare this. I looked through a lot of videos, cried, prayed, remembered. Whether you are an American or not, please take a moment to remember those that had their lives so maliciously taken from them and pray for those that remain with the loss.

This meant a great deal to me during the events of that time. Please watch and remember and pray.


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Day 1

I will be posting often.  Here is Day 1!

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To Your Success,

Make it a Great One!

Brad Dixon

14 Years and Growing!

cc Studio was started by Brad Dixon as an online marketing company in 1998. We have gone through many changes. Have overcome many technical challenges and today I find myself surrounded by an incredible group of both offline and online marketing friends. It has been an amazing journey which I will try to share with you in the coming months, Ideas and programs that have made all of this possible.

It is impossible for me to do what I do without my business partners, programmers and VA’s that help to keep all of this running.  And even at that it keeps me busy beyond belief. As the company grows I find myself wanting and moving toward more time for myself. I am driven to make this business a great opportunity for my customers and a successful venture for me. I struggled as I think we all have to make a place for myself in this marketing world. During those I worked many jobs to pull it all together and then taught Junior High for 4 years all while coming home working into the wee hours of the morning just trying to succeed. Then Texas laid off a bunch of teachers and I found myself  looking at my business as my only source of income. Time to get serious.

So I went back to what I knew.   In early 2000’s we started an online membership site called Online Business Generator, we had almost 500 members from around the world that used our products every month. We got hacked 4 times in the course of a year. 3 times by the Chinese and once by the Russians. By that time we had lost our customer base and i quite for a time and went back into the corporate world. So for me now faced with only one option, we began www.MyTotalResources.com .

I got back in the Warrior Forum and started buying products for my offline business as well as My Total Resources. I purchased a product from a vendor called the Chuck  Norris Mobile Site Creator. 🙂 The name should have told me a lot but he sold over 600 copies at $27 and if it had worked like he said it would have been great. It didn’t so I went to my programmer and asked him to fix it. he said it would be easier to create one from scratch. We did and he is now partner in www.MyMobileSiteGenerator.com

I am now working with a group of Warriors with a new video prospecting tool that has made our life so much easier. I will put the link here shortly.  Truly this has been the most incredible group I have ever been involved. We give so much to help each other be successful. And when you have the best company, best product, and best price in the marketplace hands down you can build a great affiliate income. That is what we are doing.

And my latest venture which I am outsourcing a lot of it is www.WeddingWebsite4FREE.com. This was Dave Iago’s brain child and ran with it and am getting ready to market this to tuxedo rentals, caterers, florists and venues to get listed in our registry of resources. They will just give away these nice complimentary cards to thier customers to get a FREE website. They have to buy a domain and hosting through my affiliate link and I get $100 – $150 and I pay about $45 to get the site done. Dave ran one penny saver ad and gave away 18 sites in one week so I can’t wait to get this one online and I will be sharing the process and how it goes.

The cc in cc Studio stands for Carbon Copy Success. I have found that the way to become successful is to find someone who is and copy them. That is what I will try to do here. Keep it real. Tell you what works and recommend resources that are truly helpful and important for your busimess. Which is why I created www.ccStudioNews.com. This the site where I review recent products for both offline and online markets. I break it down for you and can rest assured that if it is reviewed there the product has been tested to the best of my ability and given an honest review. Most of the items I use myself.

To Your Success,
Brad Dixon