Push Through It

For Friday I want to say. What are you going to do this year? What are you going to BE this year? it is possible ONLY when you believe it. Are you ready to PUSH THROUGH IT??

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How to Hire Superstars

I have been trying to help set the tome for success in 2016 and I seem to be in good company. Richard Branson has been talking about the same thing. Now that we have set the stage I will finally be talking about goals next week. Today I wanted to share a controversial video by two guys that I have followed for a number of years. Tony Robbins and Eben Pagan. Now the comments have been coming in by a number of people that this is micro managing. What do you think???

I must say that I was in a productivity group last year and we wrote down the 5 things that we wanted to accomplish that day and at the end of the day we did the exercise Eben is talking about.  Productivity increased and a sense of satisfaction increased by the end of the 30 days. Those that disagree must be millionaires like these guys since they know better. I doubt it. Check it our.

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Failure is Part of Success

As we begin this new year, the focus is upon the process. You must a create a specific process for everything you do. Then go fail as fast as you can to learn how to get to success. Here is a great Ted Talk it is less than 7 minutes. Check back tomorrow as we start looking at setting yourself up for success in 2016.

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Embracing Failure

ridhard bransonDo you want Success in 2016?

Get a process in place and then fail as fast as possible. I am currently in a mentor program that is helping me design the process for my business. We are challenged to fail 12 times each week. What I am finding out is that if you fail 12 times and have a great process. You will have success along the way. We as human beings run from failure or worse yet sit stagnate in fear of failure. If you want to be successful you must embrace failure as part of the human condition and the growing process. Richard Branson is doing a whole series on this right now. It is definitely worth the read.  http://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur/in-focus-embracing-failure

Mindshift for 2015

Mindshift 2015

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I am more convinced that the reason a person struggles through life is mindset.  Greatness is achieved through a never quit never give up mindset. What is your mindset for 2015!